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Sand Camp

Summer is prime time to venture into the great outdoors and set up camp, but finding a beach that allows you to pitch a tent can be harder than you’d think. With 12,000 miles of coastline, the US offers plenty of options for waking up to the sunrise—if you...

06/30/14  //  Getaway  //  By Johnie Gall


Beach Babe

Looking for something a little sporty-meets-sexy à la Bond girl Ursula Andress? Australian designer Dakota Gilbert delivers with her label, Skye & Staghorn. “Skye is the soft and feminine woman, and Staghorn is the strong, independent woman,” she says of...

01/31/14  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


Lindsey Perry Proves We’re Never Too Old For Pumpkin Carving

There are perks to being over the age for trick-or-treating—fishnets are suddenly age-appropriate, we can sip on pumpkin-flavored brews, and we can go out and buy our own candy instead of lugging a pillowcase around town asking for it from strangers. Still...

10/30/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


Supra's Pink Society Shoe Supports Cancer Research

Supra teams up with Elyse Walker in the fight against cancer with the Pink Party Society.

10/23/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


Ocean Minded's Tomboy-Chic Ruffout Shoe Collection

The lineup includes two closed-toe styles that take their cues from the boys.

10/21/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


Trend Alert: Turtlenecks

We remember fighting our parents tooth and nail to avoid wearing a turtleneck—but how misguided were we? Turtlenecks are back in a big way for fall and they come in a wide range of fits to suit every style, from The Row's slouchy, softly draping neckline...

10/14/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


Devon Troy Srother's "Look At All My Shit" Is Irreverent In The Best Way

That National Geographic shit: "Guuuuuurl, we need to get out of this jungle tho, these nn•ggas are trip pin, I got a pantha and you got a cheetah, so let's see how's the lead!" is the name of just one of the irreverent, charming paintings hanging at the...

10/07/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


Fashionable Food Blogs Making Us Very Hungry!

These days, it’s rare to peruse a fashion blog without encountering artfully displayed bruschetta or lavender lemonade in mason jars. Style and food are suddenly walking around hand-in-hand on the blogosphere and we couldn’t be more excited about the stylish...

10/07/13  //  Full Plate  //  By Johnie Gall


Stylish Sweatshirts You Can Wear Out of the House

While we'd never venture so far as to call our college hoodies "in," sweatshirts as whole have a solid place in our fall ensembles, and we're not alone. The after-work staple, once relegated to the gym and the confines of our apartments, made a statement...

10/07/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


Trend Alert: Folk Tale

True, we may already be covering what to wear next spring, but the fact is that fall is still fresh in our minds (it is the first week of October, after all). We're backtracking to reexamine one of our favorite cold-weather trends for 2013: Folk-inspired...

10/02/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


Trend Alert: Camo Cool

We're standing at attention for these military-inspired fall favorites.

09/25/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


StyleSaint Makes Your Fashion Wish List a Reality

You know the drill: You pin a gorgeous street style outfit in hopes of tracking down and buying the perfect jeans/bag/shirt/jacket, only to end up on a wild goose chase that ends with some second-best version. Enter StyleSaint—half online magazine and e...

09/25/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


Six Twenty Celebrates National Business Women's Day

Smart business women beget smart ideas—take e-shop Six Twenty for example. Founder Angeli Tarsadia realized the need for high quality, easy-to-wear basics at prices working women could actually afford and, by creating a company based totally online, was...

09/23/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


Cute PJS Are No Longer Just a Dream with Sant and Abel

Slip into something a little more comfortable with the Australian sleepwear label.

09/23/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall


A Local's Guide to Exploring Oahu

Roxy team surfers Kassia Meador and Bruna Schmitz join Oahu native Kelia Moniz in her home state for shaved ice, surfing and adventure.

09/23/13  //  Getaway  //  By Johnie Gall


Krochet Kids' Campfire-Ready Fall Collection

The nonprofit releases its latest fall-ready line to support women in impoverished countries.

09/20/13  //  In the Curl  //  By Johnie Gall

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