DIY: Chumash Feather Hair Clip

We asked Caterina from Kitty Cat Mischief to show us how to make her feathered hair clips

Bitchin' // Jessica Bush // 09/21/10
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Gather Materials

Glue the Alligator Clip on

Wrap the wire as tightly as you can

The Final Product!

Chumash Feather Hair Clip

Chumash Feather Clip

Long days at Jalama Beach & the Chumash Indians whom inhabited the California coast before the Spanish conquistadors missionized the state.

What you'll need:.
-natural leather cord combo packs
-your favorite beads
-handmade feathers
-wire for wire wrapping
-small needle nose pliers
-alligator clips
-glue sticks
-hot glue gun

How to Make Chumash Feather Hair Clips
1. Gather all needed materials at your local craft store. Spread supplies out on a table that is covered with newspaper to prevent hot glue from dripping onto nice surfaces. Once all the materials are laid out, you can start configuring a couple different assortments of your favorite beads, feathers, and pieces of leather.

2. Cut the leather cords based on your hair length and where you would like to see them fall against your locks. I have made clips with three leather cords and cut them at different lengths, or you can braid them together for one large cord that has beads woven into it.

3. Lay them all out similar to how you would like them to fall in your hair. Keep in mind that the feathers always go at the end of the leather cords.

4. After you have established the length of your feather clip, you are going to want secure the leather to the alligator clip that attaches to your hair. The best way to do this is to take your hot glue gun and glue the leather cords to the alligator clip. There is a straight away spot on the alligator clip that the leather fits perfectly in. Place hot glue in this spot and secure the leather cords with the hot glue gun.

5. After the glue has dried, you are going to want to get your wire and needle noose pliers and wrap the wire around the leather, glue, & alligator clip so that the glue is hidden under the wire and the leather is more secured onto the clip. Try to get the wire tight as you can around the clip, using two pairs of needle nose pliers usually helps with this.

6. Depending on if you are going to want to braid the leather or if you are going to want all the leather cords hanging independently from each other, it is now time to place the beads onto your clip. If you braid the leather cords, you can simply weave the beads into your braid and they will not move. If you would like single leather cords hanging, pick a place on the leather that you would like the bead to be secured and get your hot glue gun ready.

7. Pull the leather cord through the bead and once you have a place you would like the bead to stay, you can hot glue it in place. You can also secure the bead by tying knots on each side of the bead.

8. The final step for this do-it-yourself hair clip is adding the feathers. Once you have added all your beads to the leather strands, you are going to want to leave a little slack of leather to secure the feathers and one bead. Take your last and final bead and make sure the hole is a little larger than the leather so it can fit your leather cord and the end of the feather. Stick the feather through the bead hole after you have pulled the leather cord through to create the end piece of your clip. You can tie the leather around the feather, using the bead to help secure the feather in place, or you can hot glue the feather to the bead and leather piece. For more strength, you can also wire wrap both ends of the bead (that has the end of the feather glued inside of it) to conceal the extra glue on the leather. After you are done securing your feathers, you can cut the extra leather that is hanging.

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