Support "The Otherworldly" and Add to Your Art Collection At the Same Time!

CO artist Evan Mann's newest film project depends on you.

Fishbowl // Johnie Gall // 10/08/12
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For a $25 donation to Evan's project, you'll get a limited-edition T-shirt.

From an Evan Mann project.

Work from Evan Mann. Get hand drawn gift by pledging as little as $35 towards "The Otherworldly."

If you're trying to solve this mystery called life, don't depend on Colorado-based artist Evan Mann to help you do it.

That's because Mann, a recent graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, specializes in the unknown with his impressive collection of ethereal, exploratory artworks and films, which will soon include his newest project, The Otherworldly.

The five-year experimental video will dive into the depths of the imagination. For Mann, that means using inspiration he's found as a snowboarder and surfer.

"The visually-rich graphic history of boarding culture has directly influenced by work," says Mann. "Growing up in Colorado, the whiteness of snow was always a mystery to me. It's surreal to go to bed and wake up with a fresh blanket of snow. Surfing really has the same effect—living in New England I would go surfing in Newport and these surf sessions created a healthy mental space that I craved."

Mann's filmmaking goal comes with a price tag—he needs lighting, stunt people, costumes, tons of Q-tips, shaving cream and gallons of white paint to create his film. That's where you come in.

Donate to Mann's Kickstarter page you could be the proud new owner of a piece of original art. For as little as $10, Mann is offering rewards like limited-edition T-shirts, original ink drawings, screen-printed wall art, and even a commissioned artwork. Donate now and get your holiday shopping done—everything ships before December 25.

For more information, visit Mann's Kickstarter page or visit!

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