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Guest Blog // Goldfish Kiss // 09/28/12
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Goldfish Kiss

There are about 10 pages left in the watercolor book I posted about last summer. Wahoo! So I thought it would be a good time for an update.

1. I ran out of all my shades of blue paint. Guess that's what happens when you love to paint pictures of the beach.

2. I realized I still have a major case of "overpaintingitus." My professor in college literally had to pry me away from my sketches and paintings and say, "Enough!" So yeah, there are some pages I don't post because I over-painted or over drew them to death. What should be a quick 10 minute sketch turns into a two hour long session of layering of paint, then sketching over it in some pen, then scrutinizing it. Lesson learned: Less is more.

3. It's been such a rewarding and relaxing thing to do, I highly recommend it. I swear with watercolors, you just paint a blob of bright colors and it looks cool.

I'm already picking out the next book to fill up, might go for some bigger pages, and an extra set of blue paint.

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