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Bitchin' // FindCream // 09/13/10
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Skullcandy Lowriders


Foam Facebook Freebie

It can be really annoying buying a rad new pair of headphones online, only to rip them out of their packaging and realize they look terrible when you put them on! That's why Skullcandy just launched a virtual dressing room, which uses your computer's video camera to let you try on headphones virtually before you buy them. You can see for yourself if you can actually rock those Roc Nation Aviators or not, solving that little digital dilemma (we can't say the same for those cargo pants you were looking at). Check it out for yourself here.

We talked to one of the marketing guys, Brett, over at Skullcandy to find out why the new option for online shopping is so awesome:

Why is the virtual dressing room so important in our digital age?
It’s the best attempt we’ve seen at connecting your physical self with your digital self is an avatar. For 2010, that’s lame...we were supposed to have hand-held lazers by now. One of the hardest parts about shopping online is not being able to try things on. How does it fit? How does it look on me?

How important is style when you're jamming out?
Have you ever driven by a girl or guy you thought was cute, and cranked the tunes up? It’s because music is an extension of the cool side of us, literally what we listen to has the potential to be correlated directly as who we are or how we act. We crank the volume so she knows we’ve got some flavor. Now imagine that you’re bumping the music from the back of an ‘88 Taurus. See what I’m saying? It’s a total disconnect if your music is right, you look dialed, and your headphones are a dud. Our goal is to combine the best sound with the hottest design, and give you the options to pick what best suits you.

There are earphones around for under 5 bucks. What is the appeal of owning some Skullcandy phones?
First of all I guarantee those headphones don’t sound nearly as good as ours do for a few bucks more. love seeing the kid at the skate park that just plugs in his Skullcandy buds and can zone everything else out. Gone are the days of being embarrassed by your big crappy, clunky buds. We made killer sound and individual style affordable.

In the history of music, which artist had the raddest sense of style in your book?
So many choices, man…Jimi Hendrix would have to be at the top and one of my favorites. The guy had the dirty/hippie/punk thing going on, and always looked like he just rolled outta bed with a smoke in one hand and his guitar in the other. Steez that lasts decades and is copied by musicians for decades and across all genres of music, means you’ve got skills.

If you happen to like the Lowriders, good news! We're giving away a pair on our Facebook page. Just "Like" us on Facebook and leave us a comment telling us what song you just can't stop listening to this month. Contest ends October 1.

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Originally published in August/September 2010

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