Bikini Fit Q&A with Vix Swimwear's Paula Hermanny

Swim // Johnie Gall // 09/18/12
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Vix Swimwear founder and designer Paula Hermanny.
ViX designer Paula Hermanny...
Paula Hermanny with her daughter...

You may be thinking about stocking up on sweaters and scarves this September, but now is the perfect time to buy those bikinis you wanted all season: They're on sale!

A few weeks ago, you asked ViX Swimwear designer Paula Hermanny your bikini fit questions. Here, Hermanny shows you how to make the most of your swimwear:

From @ccargirl70
"@ViXSwimwear @FoamMag also running on the beach: size up, size down or is there a particular cut to keep bottoms from riding up?#vixhelp"

Paula: A well fitting suit is your best bet for a beach run. When trying on a bikini bottom, make sure to stand, sit and jog in place to get an idea if it will be a good suit for running. I find our New Band Bottoms to be the most comfortable, as they lie flat against the body and give support without cutting in.

From @JordanaDec2
"@FoamMag & @ViXSwimwear, what bottoms r best for a little to no hips girl like me? Got a butt but not a lot of hips. #vixhelp"

Paula:Think embellished details like beaded tie sides and tassels! These are not only cute but draw the eyes outward, creating the illusion of curves.

From @Cait_Lawson
"@FoamMag @vixswimwear. What style do you recommend to wear out surfing? I need it to stay on but I still want to look cute! #vixhelp"

Paula:A bikini that you can wear under a wetsuit or surf jacket is key. Stay away from hardware and go for long triangle tops and sleek bottoms that are simple and minimalistic so you are comfortable while paddling out.

From @Marleevebyoga
"@FoamMag @VixSwimwear What kind of bikini you recommend for a stand up paddle board session ? #vixhelp"

Paula:This is one of my most favorite things to do! I like halter or triangle top bikinis—they give you more support and security while you are paddling out. Again, it’s about the fit, and you want your bikini to hug your body so you can be active.

@ccargirl70 you are our winner! Send us your email via Twitter or in the comments below and you'll get a personal fit session with Paula and a new suit!

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Sep 18, 2012 at 03:09PM Christy Carlson

Thank you SOOOO much! Amazing. And great advice all around. Sounds like with a great fitting bikini - the sky is the limit on the type of activity you can do :-) Thanks Paula! And Thanks ViX and Foam!

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