Thursdays Are For Girls: Alana Paterson

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Art Break // Hannah Hicks // 08/30/12
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Alana Paterson

We all wish we could capture that moment when we think to ourselves, “I wish this would last forever.” As a professional photographer, Alana Paterson makes it possible to eternalize such moments. She shoots stirring photos of the outdoors, what’s on the walls, skateboarding, and everything in between, and it’s always more than just another photo—looking through the collection of Paterson’s work is an experience, even in her commercial work with companies such as HUF, The Hundreds, and Poler, among others.

Paterson divides her time between a helping to run a farm on Gabriola Island and traveling the world, and her photography reflects her duality. “I like being alone, and I like socializing," she says. "I like the big city, and I like the country. I like mini skirts, and I also like halfcab flips. Home-cooked meals and fancy dinners out. Travel by boat, travel by plane. Staying home, going out on the road.”

And it seems she’s found the perfect balance, allowing her to stand out in a competitive world of photographers. Paterson says, “I think about eight-year-old me and whether she would be stoked on what I’m doing. And I think I’m doing ok, from my eight-year-old anticipation of life.”

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