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Get Pretty // Kathryn Romeyn // 08/22/12
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Arizona Muse
Bambi Northwood-Blyth
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Jennifer Connelly

I have a relatively recent obsession that’s shaken up my whole beauty routine: Doing my eyebrows. In the past, I, like many women, cared about how my eyebrows looked, making sure they were relatively well groomed (although I never let anyone else touch them, handling all the tweezing and trimming myself) and were going in a somewhat uniform direction. But there were no products involved, and I put much more time and effort into my other eye makeup than I did my brows. But that was before I really studied Arizona Muse, Jennifer Connelly and Cara Delevigne’s arches and started coveting them in all their gorgeous lush, thick glory. I had brow envy.

Fortunately, I have two brow heroes who have helped me just about reach my full potential: Kelley Baker, with her cute Kelley Baker Brows studio in Venice, and the bicoastal Kristie Streicher (at LA’s Warren-Tricomi and in NYC). What both women have taught me is that Every. Single. Hair. Matters. Also, thicker arches make you look younger. Now, I don’t touch them. Tweezing, trimming, very pointed waxing and tinting are best left to pros with the same thicker-is-better mindset as you.

But while everything is growing in, I’ve learned it’s also easy to fake it. Tinting will totally amp up an arch to near power brow status (again, don’t try this at home). And Baker’s go-to brow powder ( is a dream for filling in gaps, holes and darkening in a natural way. Dior’s precision Diorshow Brow Styler and Powder Brow Pencil also couldn’t be easier to use (another fave in our office is the Benefit Instant Brow Pencil). And, of course, you must set it all in place—clear brow gel (Baker makes her own, and Streicher loves Mary Kay’s) is my new must-have, right beside my never-fail cocoa-butter chapstick. To get that fullness like Muse’s, brush it through in upward and outward directions, never down. The rest of your face will thank you.

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