DIY: Update Your Military Jacket

Contributing East Coast editor Suzanne Marchese gives the fall military jacket a much-needed update.

DIY // Suzanne Marchese // 08/20/12
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Suzanne Marchese

Another fall shopping season is just around the corner and there's no doubt about it: The military jacket has joined rank once again. But instead of shelling out for another version of the army-inspired coat already in your closet, DIY for a new take on an old classic with our contributing East Coast editor Suzanne Marchese:

-Fabric scraps
-Fabric glue
-Friendship bracelets
-Needle and thread

How to Make It:
1. Cut a scrap of fabric to fit over one of the jacket's pockets. Glue edges down to avoid fraying and apply over pocket. Repeat on other pocket.

2. Measure out ribbon for trimming above the pocket. Cut to fit and glue.

3. Push pyramid studs into fabric and fasten with prongs using pliers.

4. Remove original buttons and sew in new ones.

5. Trim the strings off of a friendship bracelet and glue ends to prevent fraying.

6. Glue friendship bracelet onto jacket.

Suzanne will be back with more DIY projects and East Coast news soon. In the meantime, check out more FOAM DIY projects now!

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