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GoGo City Guides

Gogo City Guides founder Kate van den Boogert.

Travel guides can no longer afford to be static when people are playing hopscotch from city to city. That's why GoGo filters the best authentic, local information and provides it to people on the move via paper guides and mobile apps. The GoGo reader is constantly connected and always switched on, so whether you're headed to Paris for Fashion Week or L.A. for some surf, you always have access to the best culture, shopping, dining and party spots.

Each guide has a team of insiders who reveal their favourite spots. London Insiders include Mandi Lennard (cult publicist and fashion consultant), Francesca Gavin (art writer and curator), Dale Berning (artist and writer), T.E.E.D (music producer and performer) and the TwoTone ladies, Emily and Shakira. Paris insiders include the Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Grossman (restauranteur), and Ami Sioux (photographer and musician), to name a few.

Guides are written by a local team, and have a special focus on emerging local designers, independent boutiques, small neighborhood bars and fresh new restaurants that no other guide knows about yet.

We caught up with the founder of GoGo City Guides, Kate van den Boogert, to chat about the concept of GoGo and what the future holds:

You're an Australian living in Paris. Why did you choose Paris as your European base?
They have the best croissants in the world here!

Tell us a little bit about GoGo and the ethos behind the brand?
Gogo has a unique angle different from all the other travel guides. Gogo is for the tourist who did not travel all the way to Paris to suffer bateau-mouches and Eiffel Tower queues but to live a piece of Parisian life like a real local. It`s the same concept for each city we do. The guide book itself reads more like a magazine hybrid, with culture, events and interviews, and like major industry fashion publications we publish bi-annually. We update all the places that the annual guides haven`t had time to write about, and our network of friends and insider contacts share their favourite spots.

What’s your favorite city in the world?

Personally, which medium do you prefer to use when you're abroad? Digital or hardcopy?
It’s nice to be able to go between the two. And it all depends whether you’re in Tokyo or Timbuktu.

As a resident and insider of Paris, can you give me your personal favorite restaurant, bar and shop for our international readers?
Right now I’m totally into La Botte Gardiane, a French family owned shoe brand that has just opened their first store in Paris. Using mostly French leathers, La Botte Gardiane boots and sandals are all handmade in their workshop in Villetelle.

Now that summer seems to be here at last, it’s fun to go for drinks after work with friends to the brand new barb-restaurant hybrid Wanderlust with its fantastic, enormous deck looking over the Seine.

Palais de Tokyo has been massively extended and I’m enjoying returning to my old fave Tokyo Eat, the contemporary art centre’s restaurant; in summer it has a magnificent terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Are there any plans to branch out to other cities in the future? And if so, which ones are on your hit list?
We’ll start with New York, Tokyo & Milan.

Emily from TwoTone PR contributed to this article.

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