Bod Breakthrough: Power Plate Bikini Bootcamp

Health & Fitness // Kathryn Romeyn // 08/10/12
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Will Caton, the designer of the Power Plate Bikini Bootcamp.
ESP Wellness Center in Santa...

The way we see it, there are two ways to approach getting a bikini body. The first is to hit the beach without shame and then surf and paddleboard your way to a bod you’re even prouder of. But we admit that’s not always possible, so some opt to first carve out the perfect bikini shape with hard work in a fitness class or studio.

In Santa Monica, ESP Wellness Center is one of the top options for beginning that second route, especially in the new Power Plate Bikini Bootcamp classes currently on offer. The star trainer who devised this 30-minute muscle-shaking session is Will Caton, and he’s not afraid of rallying his trainees by painting pictures of what their butts and legs will—or won’t—look like for as you go through the high-intensity, fat-burning moves.

While the Power Plate machine’s vibration technology usually means less intense exercises, Caton pushes clients to their full potential with both upper and lower body moves, positioning you just-so—like doing a push-up with your fingers pushing into the platform to specifically build deep chest muscles that will keep your boobs lifted!—for optimal body shaping. Best of all, each of these classes ends with a strong cellulite-busting massage. You’ll sweat, but this session is an easy way to ensure you’ll be at your best in any bikini.

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