Thursdays Are For Girls: Let It Flow's Kelle Huston

Every Thursday writer Hannah Hicks shines the spotlight on a girl changing the world.

Role Model // Hannah Hicks // 08/02/12
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An Ethiopian family in need of clean water. View all 5 images
An Ethiopian family in need of clean water.
The condition of the water in...
The Hutson clan.
Kelle Huston: Mother of five...
Kelle's son Nyjah (L) and Joe...

It’s comforting to know that water is never far. But for Laguna Beach resident Kelle Huston, that’s not enough. She's the Executive Director at Let It Flow, a nonprofit organization seeking to bring clean water and sanitation to communities in need.

Living in a remote Fijian village helped Huston develop the idea for Let it Flow. “Everyday acts like washing our hands, flushing a toilet, or doing laundry became a back-breaking effort as we carried five gallon buckets of water to our household,” Huston recalls, “and although this was a temporary experience for us, we often talked about what it must be like for the unfortunate people who have to walk miles a day just to get water from a filthy stream.”

Huston, a California girl at heart, isn't taking her beach lifestyle for granted. She is continuously working to provide a solution to a heart-breaking water crisis. As Huston humbly explains, "what you do for others, life will do for you.”

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