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Seven days, seven ways: Our fashionable friends show us a week's worth of style.

Street Style // Johnie Gall // 07/31/12
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The Girl: Alexandra Swanson
The Company: Element Eden
Where We Spotted Her: Alex is a long-time friend of FOAM, but we got to know her signature style on set at the Amy Purdy Role Model shoot.

The FOAM staff spends a lot of time at industry trade shows scoping out the best new companies and next season's trends. It can be a bit tiring, but without fail our stop at Element Eden's booth always puts smiles on our faces. That's because we get to spend time with one of our favorite fashionistas: Marketing Manager Alexandra Swanson. Not only is she an absolute stunner, she's also a one-of-a-kind personality with the style to match. Here, we chat with "Al" about finding inspiration from nature and her rock 'n roll style icons (hint: they aren't who you might think!):

Describe your job at Element Eden.
I make new friends, find inspiration in their passions, tell their stories and give gifts of beautiful clothing. In the career world I'm called a Marketing Manager, but I just love sharing.

Has working for a clothing company like Element Eden molded your personal style at all?
We actually skip together happily hand in hand. I sought to work for EE not only because I believed strongly in their story and mission, but also because I loved all of their designs and felt they took fashion to a new platform within the action sports industry.

We know you to be an outdoorsy girl. What activities are you into?
Snowboarding is top of the list, but hiking, surfing, running, camping, tubing rivers, biking, rock climbing and long boarding all come in a close tie for second. I love anything outdoors; I’m such a fresh air junkie that I sleep with the window and blinds open year round.

Where did you get into all of that?
I’m a native Colorado mountain girl, so growing up a vacation equaled camping. And not camping that you paid for, but my dad straight up scouting out a spot in the deep woods, pitching a tent and teaching me how to throw a knife or shoot a bow and arrow.

How'd that influence your style?
When we weren’t camping, I was a ballerina. This mix of the great outdoors and whimsical femininity remains at the root of my personal style. I seem to have this continuous need to tie in pieces that don’t make sense but somehow work. In the end, I rarely leave home without my rings or bracelets, which are all inspired by my mom.

Who are your style icons?
Gwen Stefani, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and my dad.

Which comes first: The shoe or the outfit?
The beautiful thing is they each work just fine on their own—how freeing is a summer dress while barefoot? And quite frankly, how freeing to just go with the heels...literally? You’d definitely get arrested going about the latter in public, but it's what made Helmut Newton’s work famous in the realm of fashion photography, right?

Do you live by any mottos?
“Ya, well...” from one of my dad’s favorite movies, Cool Hand Luke starring Paul Newman. It’s basically a shrug of the shoulders to remind yourself things aren’t always easy and they won’t always go your way, so get the best of each situation and enjoy the ride!

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