Fall Trends Report

We recruited some fashionable gals to give us the low-dow on the their favorite fall trends this year

In the Curl // Mandy Spivey // 09/01/10
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Kristin and Val from Bleach Black

Sisters of the Black Moon rock '60s vintage

Nikita Poet Denim

Who: Karin Tarasso and Sandra Persson, assistant designers behind the new Poet denim line at Nikita clothing. At Nikita, comfort and cutting edge design typify the sorts of sharp pieces made for the clothing line, and the street/skate/surf wear does its fair share pushing down fashion boundaries.

Their Pick: The Poet Jean. "We think our Poet denim will be a good fall denim–it has very feminine details and a harem feel to it, but with slim legs and a very soft and comfortable fabric."

Who: Rachel Hunt is one-third of the brains behind the psychedelic fashion project, Sisters of the Black Moon, alongside her partners Alecia Marcum and Sara Lorocca-Ramm. The trio combine vintage pieces with modern fit and flair, pulling together the best of both worlds to reproduce those same colorful feelings felt deep in the heart of the '60s. The stylist/fashion blogger/online vintage store owner has her own grasp on the upcoming fashion trends to resurface this Fall.

Her picks:
1. Layering, layering, layering. Layering with different textures and rich colors this season is a must! The bonus is that you will stay warm. Don't stop at layering just with your clothing–pile on your treasured jewelry too!
2. A feminine look paired with a masculine jacket. Whether you are wearing a vintage 20s dress or lace maxi, pair it with a boxy jacket or structured blazer. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman.
3. Lace. Adorn yourself from top to bottom in lace.

Who: Kristin and Val are the chroniclers behind the style blog BleachBlack.com, and personal students of the ever-expanding field of fashion.

Kristin's Picks:
1. Imagine a Pirate victorian men's coats (super beaten up) with denim cut offs. I think this f**king rad because it's dreamy transition wear between summer and fall.
2. Starting from the bottom up with extra bleached Nike Air Force Ones, neon biker shorts and a vintage concert tee with a hole under my left boob–loving this look because I miss the '80s and what's better than spandex?

Valerie's Picks:
1. Extra maxi long sleeve dresses in jailbird stripes and vintage crochet lace. I love them because it's my favorite silhouette.
2. Anything Missoni. Especially the clown pants.

Johnie Gall and Jessica Bush contributed to this article

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Originally published in August/September 2010

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