Thursdays Are For Girls: Zwart Art Café

Every Thursday writer Hannah Hicks shines the spotlight on a girl changing the world.

Girl Crush // Hannah Hicks // 07/26/12
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Margriet Zwart View all 6 images
Margriet Zwart
Margriet Zwart's artwork.
Drawings from artist Margriet...
Inside Zwart Art Café.
The front of Zwart Art Café.
"Gone Surfing"

Margriet Zwart is an artist, surfer, and a lover of dogs and a well-made latte. She is a wild spirited beach bum with the drive to share her art to the world. And she’s living the dream.

I met Margriet the first day of my Costa Rican summer a few years back. It’s hard to miss her funky Zwart Art Café as you walk down the dirt roads in Santa Teresa. Her beachfront café plays host to tasty treats, a relaxed atmosphere, and a huge collection of eye candy. The walls are covered with one-of-a-kind art that lingers in your mind. If you're visiting Costa Rica anytime soon, make sure you check out the shop and get to know Zwart for yourself.

If vacation isn’t in your cards, check out her online store and get your own original artwork.

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