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Seven Days, Seven ways: Our fashionable friends show us a week's worth of style.

Street Style // Virginia Ibarra // 07/25/12
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Virginia Ibarra
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The Girls: Jazmine Yurtin and Riley Gallagher
The Blog: Fresh-Bones.tumblr.com
Where We Spotted Them: The Crybaby Presents sample sale.

Living in LA calls for awesome outfits 24/7, especially when interning for a major curating and design house like Crybaby Presents! So when we met interns (and up-and-coming bloggers) Jazmine (Fresh) and Riley (Bones), we to take a couple notes from their fashion routine:

What determines how you dress on any given day?
Fresh: Without a doubt, my mood. My style is constantly changing depending on how I am feeling.
Bones: I’d have to agree with that, but I’d also say my schedule.

Who influences your style?
Both: Everything: People, art, nature. What makes personal style so unique is the different forms of inspiration and how each individual interprets them. We also influence each other a lot; we tend to mix and match eachothers clothes in order to wear them in different ways.

What was the most awkward outfit you've ever worn? Any regrets?
Bones: An outfit's not awkward, but the person inside can be. If you’re going to dress weird, own it. No regrets play like a champion!
Fresh: Five out of seven outfits a week that I wear are probably considered "awkward." No regrets though, my style is my style and I could generally care less if someone doesn't like it.

Number one music festival you're looking forward to?
Fresh: Jazz Fest in New Orleans 2013—I would die to get there.
Bones: Hard Summer, although definitely not for fashion reasons.

If you could borrow any clothing item from a movie character, what would it be?
Both: Answer pending until our autobiographical film is released.

Any trends you're digging for summer?
Skin, less clothing on everyone or at least sheer clothes. The overall hot trend is showing skin as much as possible while also keeping it classy.

Fashion motto to live by?
“No risk, no reward.” You have to take chances in fashion in order to stand out.

See more of our favorite outfits in Street Style!

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