Guest Blog: How to Avoid Those Post-Vacation Blues

Guest bloggers Tiffany and Kara of Petite Physique help ease us back into reality.

Health & Fitness // Tiffany and Kara // 07/24/12
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Vacation time with Petite Physique.
Tiffany and Kara
Vacation time with Petite Physique.

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Ahhhh, summertime—that time of year where we get to relax, be positive, take vacations, and soak up the sun. But what happens when the vacation ends? Some vacationers don't have a problem easing back into their everyday routines following a long and pleasurable trip, but many others do. This is clinically known as post-travel depression (PTD) and some of the symptoms include depression, sadness, restlessness, and inability to perform usual tasks. Don’t worry, this is very typical and we’ve constructed solutions to combat the Post-Vacation Blues:

1. Realize that your vacation doesn't necessarily end here.
If you went away and experienced different cultures, scenery and food, then you've opened up new doors in your life. You have been touched by possibilities that weren't a part of your life before! Keep this feeling alive by:
• Thinking about how your vacation experience can cause good, small changes in your life.
• Considering what you enjoyed most during your vacation and making a bridge from that culture to yours.
• Changing your appearance and your health routine. Often times vacation causes a transformation and leads to a calmer, happier self. This should be you all the time!

2. Try to avoid jumping back into work as soon as you get home.
While it may help take your mind off the post-vacation blues, it could also have the opposite effect. Slowly ease back into work after your vacation. Some people like to return home on a Thursday or Friday so that they have the entire weekend to decompress and settle back into their usual lives.
• Resume your usual diet and fitness routines as soon as possible.
• Ensure plenty of time for a proper night's sleep. Your body will thank you with enough energy for the next day, and having the time to start unpacking before you become exhausted will help boost your spirits.
• Spend time around family and friends to ease you back into normal life for even more support.

3. Start planning a return trip.
The best way to overcome the post-vacation blues is knowing you have another vacation to look forward to. Start putting aside money every week towards the next vacation. It will soon add up and it's a great way to focus yourself when you're tempted to waste money on sugary treats or anything other light vice that you can do without.

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