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Tuneage // Samantha Negrin // 07/24/12
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Photo credit: Flora Hanitijo
Samantha Negrin
Photo credit: Flora Hanitijo

Twenty-three-year-old British songstress Louisa Rose Allen, better known for her role in the new electro-pop sensation Foxes, is the kind of girl you want to make your best friend.

Her powerful vocals brought her to LA this summer for her first American tour—and her first trip to the U.S.—which why, when we sit down to chat with the singer, she's in a state of disbelief.

"I find it so weird that these are songs I've written in my bedroom and I'm going to America with them," she says, "playing them and people know the words! I just can't get my head around it."

She better get used to the feeling, as she's poised to become a household name thanks to tons of buzz generating around her tour. Here, we chat with Allen about the inspiration for her lyrics, laughing yoga and her incredible wardrobe:

Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics?
Writing lyrics is very therapeutic for me because they’re all really honest coming from my experiences. I’ll go into the studio being really upset about something and it all kind of comes out—sometimes I don’t even realize how, or remember writing the lyrics. It feels a bit weird. Now whenever I sing these songs live I think back to that time as a happy time, and it was all worth it.

What’s the story behind your latest EP Warrior?
The lyrics of Warrior are all about coming out of bad times. I wrote it when I was going through a rough patch in my life and I had really bad migraines all the time. My boyfriend at the time said to me, “Just stay positive—you’re probably going to write a really great song out of this,” and I was just like, “Shut up! I’ve got a really bad headache!” But actually, I did.

The synthesizers and percussion in your soundtracks are so fun, like in the song White Coats. How did you begin using these sounds?
I used to bang spoons together for different sounds. I love the way that soundtracks portray feeling without lyrics; I think that the production should be just as motivational as the lyrics and they should stand strong on their own as two things.

What artists have inspired your music?
I had a very female upbringing with my mom and sister that carried over within my musical inspiration, too. I like really strong female artists like Kate Bursch and Patty Smith. When I was younger I loved pop music like the Spice Girls, and I think if I hadn’t listened to that in the past I wouldn’t have the pop element that I like in my music now.

It’s obvious that music comes so natural to you. When did you start writing and singing?
I was that annoying kid in my family that got on the dinner table every Christmas and was like, “Everyone listen to me!” I used to sing "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion and everyone would just roll their eyes and laugh. I think I always thought I was a singer, but it took me a long time to feel confident enough to write.

Where would you like to play in the future?
A massive stage at a festival like Coachella. I always envision a whole crowd singing back to me, everyone is having a great time (and may be a bit drunk).

When you’re not performing or practicing, what can we find you doing?
My friend and I practice laughing yoga: We sit there and start pissing ourselves for ages! I’m a big fan of laughing. If you were to ask my mom what I like to do, she would say “She loves watching movies, she loves food, she loves sleeping and, oh yeah, singing.”

What’s your favorite ensemble to sport onstage?
Anything free and breezy. My mom owns a vintage market in London so she goes to all of these remote places and brings back the coolest stuff. I like the way heels look with an outfit, but once I get on stage, halfway through my set I’ll chuck them to the side and end up barefoot. I might as well be barefoot in the beginning!

Go to iamfoxes.com for a free download of White Coats, and catch the Warrior EP on iTunes now.

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