Behind the Scenes with Disco Pony and Natalie Suarez

Disco Pony Designer Zoey Crystyna gives Foam a sneak peak of latest collection's lookbook shoot featuring Natalie Off Duty blogger, Natalie Suarez.

Pow Wow // Angelica Bonomo // 07/19/12
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"The infamous blue florals… part of the lost collection, only one pair exists… I'm still on the hunt for an equally insane print to re-create these bad boys because there has been ALOT of requests for them!"
"Nobody rocks floral on floral...
"Styling up the Crepe silk cut...
"The original Natalie sequin...
"Oversized but still structured...
"I love how structured yet playfully...

Disco Pony founder and designer Zoey Crystyna has a long history of collaborating with Natalie Suarez—in fact, one of her first and most popular dresses is named after the Natalie Off Duty blogger! Here, Crystyna gives us the behind-the-scenes scoop from the set of her latest lookbook shoot with Suarez:

Tell us about the new collection, which you shot in New York with Natalie Suarez.
Conceived in Barcelona, established in Hong Kong and shot in New York City, Disco Pony quite literally trots across the globe with me, absorbing an array of different cultural influences on the way! This collection was inspired by my half-Chinese, half-Hispanic model Natalie Suarez and her new life in New York City. With influences from Studio 54 and the street style of NYC, this collection is aptly and simply named "New York City Disco."

How did you end up working so closely with Suarez?
Disco Pony and Natalie Suarez got together in such a fun and organic way, first meeting in Barcelona back in 2011. While Natalie was working on a project she caught sight of the first-ever piece I had made—a gold sequin mini dress—and slipped it on. That dress is now named The Natalie and is still one of the best-selling pieces, along with the maxi version! We are both singers and both share the same love for all things creative and musical. Shooting with her and getting her opinion of all the new pieces is priceless.

What was the highlight of the lookbook shoot?
Just getting to hang out with Natalie and the whole Disco Pony team! I brought my amazing photographer Keymea Yazdanian with me from London, and Natalie's sister Dylana of the blog Color Me Nana even came up from Philly to help us shoot over one weekend. We set up camp in Natalie's apartment on the Upper East Side and quickly got to work.

How'd you manage to fit the whole shoot in in one weekend?
We barely left the apartment for days, just eating, sleeping, dancing, shooting and just having an amazing time. I was so impressed with our makeshift shooting skills—Keymea balancing precariously on a cupboard for hours to try and get the full shot in. Ikea lamps come in very handy when the rain darkens your set! We shot this whole lookbook guerrilla-style sans lighting, makeup artists or stylists for the most part!

To order your custom Disco Pony piece, email Zoey at!

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