Guest Blog: Stop Making Excuses for Your Health!

Our health and fitness guest blogger shows you how to make it work instead of making an excuse.

Health & Fitness // Naomi Kiyalah Iwabuchi // 06/26/12
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Naomi Kiyalah Iwabuchi

Have you met our June Health & Fitness blogger yet? Get to know Naomi now!

During my last semester of college, I had seven classes, an internship and four different jobs on my plate. Looking at my jam-packed schedule, it was difficult to envision squeezing in a workout regimen on top of it all.

Here are some things that I did to banish my excuses. Maybe some of them will work for you:

1. Organize.
Organization does not come naturally to me, but it saves so much time when I’m not running around searching for things in a heaping mess. I dedicated two entire drawers in my dresser to fitness apparel and prepared different gym bags for the activities that I do. For example, my surf bag has a bar of wax, hair ties, sunscreen and a rash guard. I also make sure to have water bottles chilled in the refrigerator every day. Having everything easily accessible and prepared makes it easy to fit a workout in even the busiest schedule.

2. Make things work for you.
I know what a task it is for my students to make it to my classes. I have students who tell me in advance that they may run 10-15 minutes late because of other engagements. I encourage them to come even if they’ll be late, because I’d rather them have 30 minutes of practice than none at all. Vocalize your situation, and then it may be accommodated.

3. Have options.
My yoga studio offers classes every day, all day long. This makes it easy for me to find time to run to one of their many offered classes.

4. Be satisfied with the short and sweet.
Running is one of those activities that you can do anytime, anywhere, for any length of time—even just 15 minutes. I'm also lucky to live close to the beach, so I tell myself that even if I only have a small window of time, it’ll be worth it to paddle out for a surf. Strength training—like weight lifting and core exercises—is also easy to bust out on your living room carpet. Mini workouts add up fast; continue for a month and you’ve accumulated hours of fitness!

5. Wake up early.
I’d always complain that there weren’t enough hours in the day, so my solution was to add a few more to mine by waking up early. It may seem hard to sacrifice that extra shut-eye, but the rewards are endless. Starting a day with a run, surf or hot yoga session just makes you feel like you have a head start that no one can catch up to. It also boosts your metabolism, so all day long you’re burning more calories doing the same exact routine.

A big thank you to Naomi for keeping us motivated this month. Check in on July 10 to meet your new Health & Fitness guest bloggers!

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Jun 26, 2012 at 01:12PM Jillian Tomlinson

Just how I like to get things done c:

Jul 13, 2012 at 03:41PM Kelly Rodrigues

I needed this!

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