DIY: Friendship Bracelet Bobby Pins

Who says friendship has to live on your arm? Goldfish Kiss embroiders a set of bobby pins for our locks.

DIY // Goldfish Kiss // 06/20/12
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Goldfish Kiss

Bobby pins: Missing when you need them, hanging on random belt loops when you don't. The whole point of the pins is that they don't show, but they always do anyway so why not make them a little cuter? Here, Goldfish Kiss teaches us how to translate a summer camp favorite into a hair accessory that we'll be way less likely to lose track of:

What You'll Need:
-Multiple colors of embroidery floss
-Bobby pins

How to Make Them:

1. Grab three long strands of embroidery floss cut to equal lengths and a bobby pin.

2. Fold the floss in half, and secure the bobby pin on the fold.

3. Hook the bobby pin with floss onto the shorts you're wearing, zigzag side up, with the open end facing you.

4. Grab two of the six floss strands, and make a forward knot.

5. When you get to the bobby pin, have the loop also go around the top/zigzag half of the pin, therefore securing the knot on the bobby pin.

6. Repeat knots and use different colors to make a pattern all the way down the length of the pin. I did four knots per color combo on one pin.

7. Cut off the excess string after the last knot.

8. Pin some hair back or use to secure an updo, braid or topknot.

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Jul 04, 2012 at 07:47PM Daniela Fitas

great DIY ;)

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