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Seven days, seven ways: our fashionable friends show us a week's worth of style

Street Style // Virginia Ibarra // 05/31/12
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Day Seven

The Girl: Bethany Struble

The Blog: Snakes Nest

The name of your blog is Snakes Nest and for a while, the snake print was a heavy trend! Ever indulge in it?
I have a couple snake print items! It's funny, I was gifted a lot of snake print when it was trending because of my blog name!

What's you're favorite movie based on its fashion?
Atonement is definitely one of my favorite films because of the story and the wardrobe! I wish I could dress like Cecilia all the time.

We love your style but adore your hair! How do you maintain it?
I use horse shampoo and leave-in conditioner! My hair just grows!

You were recently in New York for Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week! What fall trend are you excited about?
I'm really excited for all the texture mixing and furs. Sequins and leather is definitely a combination I'm going to try.

What is one of the best comments someone has left on your blog?
The best comments are the ones where people say that they're inspired by my attitude rather than what I'm wearing. I try to be positive about life and I want to inspire others to really enjoy life and be content with what they're given.

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