She's the ultimate American girl in Paris; the face of Chloe, a keen surfer and '80s rock aficionado. For Camille Rowe, modeling has been one crazy encounter after another—luckily, she has a sense of humor.

Photos // Clare Byrne // 05/21/12
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White full-piece swimsuit, Camilla & Marc; White Arden sweater by Kimberly Ovitz; Cotton touch socks by Falke; Grey shoes by New Balance; Pyramid stud earrings by Luv AJ. View all 6 images
Charlotte Wales
White full-piece swimsuit, Camilla & Marc; White Arden sweater by Kimberly Ovitz; Cotton touch socks by Falke; Grey shoes by New Balance; Pyramid stud earrings by Luv AJ.
Sleeveless turtleneck crop top...
2M wetsuit by Cynthia Rowley...
Atztec Silver bikini top (worn...
Black bikini top by Wildfox;...
Black hooded PVC top by Karl;...

I'd heard you were from Paris but I'm surprised you don't have a thick accent. What's your background?
I was born in this small, sweet, green town outside of Paris, but I actually have an American mother. I also went to international school.

Today is very sport and swim themed, which suits you perfectly! When did you start surfing and how did you get into it?
I went to surf camp for a couple summers in Huntington Beach, California when I was younger. My parents now live in Morocco and there is great surf there as well.

Have you been braving the cold over winter, or do you just surf in summer?
I recently got a wetsuit with a hoodie, gloves and boots, but I prefer surfing in warmer weather!

It's the Olympic issue, so we'd love to know more about your sporting achievements.
I did eight years of ballet, but I was terrible at it! I did track for a while and was fourth in my region! My specialty was hurdles.

How do you keep fit now?
I do a lot of yoga and recently got into pilates, but wine and cigarettes work as well...

Do you have a memorable travel adventure you can share??
My last trip to Tokyo was wild. A lot of very bizarre things happened there: strange basements, pregnant ladies, guns and dancing raccoons.

All at once? Tell me what happened with the dancing raccoons.
Yes! There were stuffed teddy-bear raccoons dancing on this gangster’s table and he was laughing hysterically at it—such a strange image!

What are you listening to at the moment?
Mazzy Star and the Grateful Dead.

Anything else we should know about you?
I have some sick dance moves and my mom also won on The Price is Right.

Unreal, what did she win? Does she still have the prizes?
She won a trash compactor, a car, a trip to Greece and other weird stuff. She won in the '70s. She sold everything, did a Eurotrip, got a job at the Moulin Rouge—seriously! She met my dad in Paris, fell in love and then had me!

If you weren't modeling, what would you be doing?
I’d be a set designer or a mother of 12 cats.

Styling / Clare Byrne
Model / Camille Rowe at Marilyn NY
Hair / Matthew Newman
Make-up / Aya Komatsu

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Originally published in June/July 2012

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