Timezone: Hillary Paige Zator

Seven days, seven ways: our fashionable friends show us a week's worth of style

Street Style // Sarah Hardt // 05/23/12
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The Girl: Hillary Paige Zator

Introduce yourself!
I'm a student at Cal State Long Beach, majoring in fashion design and I really just want to meet people from all walks of the world. Fashion is a hobby, something I find fun!

In what ways does the beachside life influence your style?
Living by the beach is a dream come true. I'm always mixing up styles, from boho chic to tomboy to classic with an edge. Right now I'm totally loving the color nude with just a dash of neon!

Who is your style icon?
I am super inspired by Mary-Kate Olsen's fashion sense. I think she is adorable in her over-sized, countless bangles and close to no makeup with a bold lip color.

If you could travel back in time to any decade, which would it be?
I'd say the 1940s when Katherine Hepburn inspired menswear for women and mixed in girly pieces.

Favorite summer jam?
Hmmm, thats tough! But I think it'd be "The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out to Get Us!" by Sufjan Stevens. Never seems to get old.

Best style advice you ever received?
Be yourself and wear what's comfortable. Don't dress the way other people dress, dress in what makes you feel like you.

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