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Spotlight // FindCream // 05/09/12
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Join us this weekend for the No Shirt No Shoes party featuring Oliver, The Hazing of Junkyard and Cooper Saver
A women's style from The Ampal...
The Frothin' Snapback from The...
7 Seas Camp Cap from The Ampal...

Have you RSVP'd for our next pool party? We're on to round two with the No Shoes No Shirt crew along with established L.A. hat company The Ampal Creative, who will be celebrating the launch of their summer collection. We caught up with Andrew Potash of Ampal, who gave us a little insight on what inspires him and how he got into the business.

How and when was Ampal Creative established?
When I started the line, there really weren't many hat options, and I have a big head. Large hats were almost never stocked and the flexfit (barf!) hats of the time didn't come close to fitting. The first full collection of Ampal Creative hats was launched in 2007.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Surf trips, mind trips, tropical dreams, logs, fishes, quads, bikes, motorcycles, Kustom Kars, rock, rockers, sweaty dance music, local cuisines, culinary arts, photography, design, hand painted letters, spray painted letters, street art, lowbrow, Pop Art, Warhol, Keith Haring, Barry McGee, Mike Giant. Pretty much an amalgamation of Southern California culture from the '50s-'90s.

What's new for the summer line?
Two collaborations. One with Brothers Marshall, one with CRAP Eyewear. We're also introducing five panel camp hats to the line.

"Dreamed, Designed & Crafted in Los Angeles, CA." Everything is sourced and produced from downtown L.A. Can you give us a brief run down?
I love it. I hand pick every material and am able to be involved in every step of production to ensure it is the best quality. The only other place you might be able to do what we do is New York and I can't imagine not being able to drive to pick up materials and bring them to the factory, let alone in the snow. I buy the materials here, our labels were woven here, the hat is cut and constructed here. There are not too many products that can claim that anymore.

Give us three reasons everyone should jump on the Ampal train.
1. Original
2. Quality
3. Made in the USA

Who do you want wearing your hats?
Everyone. Sunburned groms, party babes, blue collar craftsmen.

How did the NSNS partnership come about?
We started a monthly pool party at the Standard DTLA rooftop pool last summer with our friends over at Dub Frequency. It was an unpretentious, laid-back vibe with cheap drink options that was all about fun in the sun, splash fights, and girls in bikinis. It quickly became the summer pool party. At the end of the day most of the people involved are the friends we'd be at the beach with anyways, so it was a real natural collaboration.

RSVP for our No Shirt No Shoes party this Saturday, May 12, 2012!
Check out more on at TheAmpalCreative.com

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