DIY: Mother's Day Garden Pots

Show your maker some love with custom terra cotta plant pots.

DIY // Jessica Mendoza // 05/08/12
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Jessica Mendoza
What you'll need
Outline your design
Apply paint

This Mother's Day, opt for something a little less traditional than flowers: A pot to grow them in! It's a simple do-it-yourself project that you can customize completely and top off with a unique plant (we used a cactus). Check out how we made our pots for inspiration:

What You'll Need:
-Terra cotta pots
-Paint (acrylic works best)
-Paint brushes
-Painter's tape
-Shells, beads, twine (optional)
-Gravel or small stones
-potting soil

1. If you plan on adding stripes or other patterns, use painter's tape to outline your design.

2. Apply paint to the outside of your pot. Use multiple coats of paint for the best results.

3. After completely dry, use a hot glue gun to apply extra embellishments. We used a (faux) starfish.

4. Fill the bottom of your pot with loose gravel or stones. Use potting soil and inset your plant. Give your plant some water and place in a well-lit area until Sunday!

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