10 Ways to Help Our Oceans and Beaches

The Surfrider Foundation's ten tips for keeping our beaches clean and our water healthy.

Role Model // FindCream // 04/25/12
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By Brandon Scherzberg

FOAM fans came out to Long Beach to lend a hand at our beach clean-up with Element and Element Eden.

By Brandon Scherzberg

The most trash we picked up came from Styrofoam and cigarette butts.

By Brandon Scherzberg

One of our bags weighed nine pounds!

Last Sunday we hit the sand in Long Beach with Element and Element Eden for an Earth Day clean-up, where you guys collected 494 pounds of trash! While we were there, we caught up with our friends at Surfrider, who gave us ten simples ways we can pitch in to keep our waves clean:

1. Pick up your pet's waste, because if it reaches the ocean, it'll make you and the marine life sick.

2. Conserve energy where you can by replacing lightbulbs with energy-efficient versions.

3. Hold on to your butt! We suggest kicking the habit, but if you must smoke, get rid of your used cigarettes in a trash can. We lost count of how many butts we picked up on Sunday.

4. Don't hose down your driveway. It wastes water and the oil from your car ends up in the ocean. Sweep and use a dust pan instead.

5. Use native or climate-adapted plants in your garden. They use less water.

6. Always dispose of motor oil properly. NEVER dump it in a storm drain. Most gas stations have approved collection areas for recycling.

7. When you go the beach, pick up someone else's trash. Not everyone is as Earth-friendly as you are!

8. Cut back on your use of fertilizers. They make their way into the water and can seriously harm fish, marine mammals and other sea life.

9. Avoid using single-use plastic bottles and bags. Instead, use refillable bottles and canvas bags. They look cuter anyway!

10. Join the Surfrider Foundation or sign-up for a local beach-cleanup near you.

Just reading these tips isn't going to help, you have to take action! What do you do to protect our oceans? Tell us below and we might send you a little surprise.

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Apr 27, 2012 at 04:46PM Lilianna Filar

Whenever I am sitting on the beach, I always throw away the trash around me. Save the fishies!

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