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Tuneage // Johnie Gall // 07/29/10
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Among the Gold

Among the Gold

Cheyenne Marie Mize and Bonnie “Prince” Billy present Among the Gold, their rendition of a collection of 19th Century American parlor music handpicked by the duo, and we're giving you the whole album for free.

We love the idea of adapting songs long forgotten, and so does Cheyenne: "I had had the idea behind Among the Gold brewing for some time- originally thinking it was going to be me alone- to take some of my favorite very, very old tunes and record them. I offered the idea to Will, needing only a mic and a good room for recording, and he offered me a mic and a good room for recording.

I asked him to sing a couple of the songs as duets as well. In the process we very much enjoyed singing together and we decided that they would all make great duets so it became more of a collaborative effort, with him helping me to decide on the rest of the tunes we would record, and helping me with instrumentation and arrangement decisions. And then it was.”

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Originally published in August/September 2010

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