WATCH: KAB Interviews Leftover Cuties at SXSW

With a title track under their belts, our new band-crush gets set to release their new EP

Tuneage // Johnie Gall // 04/20/12
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Leftover Cuties chatted with Kimmy at Keep A Breast during SXSW.

If you've tuned in to the third season of the original Showtime series The Big C, you've probably found yourself whistling the endlessly infectious title song: "Is this some kind of a joke/ will someone wake me up soon."

The track, "Game of Life," belongs to a little band called Leftover Cuties, an L.A.-based quintet set to release their EP this spring. Our friend Kimmy at Keep-A-Breast caught up with the band to talk boobies and success during SXSW:

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