VSF's Sunglasses Mural by Alex Israel

The artist's Abbot Kinney commission blends the line between art and ad.

Fishbowl // Johnie Gall // 04/20/12
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Alex Israel's mural will be Various Small Fires gallery on Abbot Kinney indefinitely.

Walk into Various Small Fires Gallery on Abbot Kinney, and you might mistake it's newest installation as a sunglasses advertisement. Fitting, after all, since the its creator is also a sunglasses designer for Freeways Eyewear.

"The imagery I selected for the mural is mainly stock photography that I purchased online," Israel explained to ForYourArt. "I wanted the mural to reflect the magical elements of Venice Beach life."

But the mural, commissioned by the gallery's proprietor Esther Kim, is instead a study in the culture on Venice and the style of the beach just steps away.

"Although the mural doesn't directly reference the eyewear brand, the image and 'commercial vibe' you're getting is very site-specific," Kim tells FOAM. "The mural is selling a lifestyle—much like what I see Abbot Kinney to be all about."

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