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From flea markets to Kauai, Valenti likes her photography psychedelic.

What's New // Mandy Spivey // 07/26/10
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Alexandra Valenti

Alexandra Valenit Poncho

Alexandra Valenti Girl with Horse

Alexandra Valenti Three Girls

Alexandra Valenti’s photographs are like relics found deep in the confines of your dad's junk drawer, weathered by years of passing decades and fading memories. "I am one of those people that feels the need to document everything around them," Alex admits. Her art has been described as a dreamy, sun-drenched flashback that jolts you from your current moment in time and into a psychedelic world all its own; a world where beautiful women, clad in vintage flowing black dresses, are stoically poised in bodies of water or other natural wonders waiting for you to come down and become a part of their ritual. And this is all just another day in the life of the psychedelic photographer.

Following her inspirations (which include flea markets, Kauai, swimming in the river and old country music record covers), life and the chase that photography has led her on took her from her home in Berkeley to New York City, and now down to the Lone Star State to pursue her career in the art. Yet her original calling to the field of photography was not so reminiscent of yester-year. In fact, her first stint with photography brought her to the fashion industry in NYC, but after a falling out with vibe of the city, she relocated to the far south, settling down in the warmer climate and using the resources and beautiful people around her to find her voice in her shots.

The current Austin, Texas native has a strong following among artists, musicians and free spirits all over the country, and her work is now being pursued by the likes of Justin Timberlake, The Black Angels and Sam Rockwell, just to name a handful. When she is not capturing her own forms of beautiful time warps on film, she stays busy by connecting with other artists and bringing their creative forces together- including co-founding a creative group for female artists/designers/stylists called the Big Bang Collective, which is set to launch before the middle of summer, and even looks forward to a collection of art shows on the horizon. The fresh photographer has her shots all set up- and if one thing is for sure, as long as there are hot summers and subjects willing to step back in time, she is just getting started.

"I just hope my art brings some semblance of happiness and inspiration to people's lives,” says Alex.

Originally published in August/September 2010

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