Summer Goals: Fair-Weather Foodies

Guest bloggers Anne and Christie remind us of the simple joy of cooking a farm-fresh meal and enjoying it away from the dinner table (or bringing it with you!)

Guest Blog // Anne Parker and Christie MacLean // 04/11/12
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By Anne Parker and Christie MacLean

Greetings from Austin! We are about to head out on a four day camping trip to the West Texas desert—this is exactly the break we've needed from unpredictable Portland spring weather.

On sunny days when we can't get out of town, one of our favorite things to do is to bike to the farmer's market and pick up some local produce. Living in Portland, we're lucky enough to have a market every day of the week in different parts of town during the summer. As fair-weather bikers, we usually have to pump up our tires and dust off our helmets before heading out on dry days.

With so much good food around, we're constantly planning our next meal with friends. People say they live in Portland because the summers are so ideal, so we spend as much time as possible outdoors. Sometimes that means taking the kitchen table outside and setting up dinner in the front yard.

Stay tuned for photos from our trip next week. We're brushing off our film cameras and will have plenty to share!

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