Prep Your Feet for TOMS' One Day Without Shoes

Go ahead, let those feet feel the breeze!

Beauty // Virginia Ibarra // 04/09/12
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We might obsess over shoes on the daily, but TOMS annual event "One Day Without Shoes" is a wake up call. Tomorrow, we'll see people walking around shoeless, spreading awareness about the importance of shoes and remembering that some people don't have the money or means to protect their feet. Get your feet prepped for a day of wear and tear with nail guru Julie Kandalec now:

Walking around without shoes is pretty dangerous. What's your advice for keeping our feet safe?
Keep a pair of TOMS close by if you have to walk through puddles or any questionable spots. Getting the word out is important, but so is keeping your feet safe!

Our feet already look a little worse for wear thanks to high heels! What can we use to make them look presentable for tomorrow?
Getting a pedicure is so important at the end of winter! Your feet have been neglected and stuffed inside boots all winter and are screaming for a little TLC. Yes, that goes for guys too. No one wants to feel rough feet in the sheets.

What is your favorite homemade recipe to soothe your feet that we can use tomorrow night?
Soak in epsom salts to soothe, soften and de-stink. Then I love to finish with Lush's Fair Trade Foot Lotion. Earth-friendly and full of Arnica and mint, they will leave your feet cool, refreshed and hydrated.

How can we get our nails looking their best before we head out on "One Day Without Shoes"?
I'm a glitter girl, and I love holographic glitter polish. It will catch the sun's rays and attract attention from around the corner. For a more mild child, I love a semi-sheer white polish on toes. It's super fresh and makes you look like you have a nice early spring glow. Essie in Waltz is just perfect.
Tip: Use a class file to smooth the edges of the nail without tearing. I use Jenna Hipp's the Nailing Hollywood Crystal Nail & Cuticle Smoother.

What's your opinion on matching mani-pedis—are they making a comeback soon?
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't see matching polish coming back anytime soon! There are just so many options right now for nails. People don't need to settle with just one color.

Any last advice for feet?
Use a sugar scrub. It's much more effective as an exfoliator than a salt one. When magnified, salt has a very sharp granule. Sugar's is much gentler on skin. Add in some water on more sensitive areas like arms and legs.

Click here to find a One Day Without Shoes event near you!

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