Q&A: Tallow

Catching up with the artists and designers of the FOAM X UO Space 15 Twenty pop-up shop and art show

Spotlight // Johnie Gall // 04/05/12
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Courtesy of Tallow

Shannon and Ali of Tallow

Summer styles from Tallow

Names: Ali Mandalis and Shannon Clynes

Line: Tallow

Hometown: Byron Bay, Australia

Surfers or spectators?

East Coast or West Coast?
We're in Australia, so West Coast summer, East Coast winter.

Local surf break?
Broken Head, Byron Bay.

Dream boards?
Anything from either MYC boards or Vouch (Byron-based shapers) with a combo of resin tint and yardage decal.

Fill in the blanks:
Ali is the Mick Jagger one, Shannon is the Keith Richards one.

What happened the first time you tried to surf?
I had to paddle across a seaway to a break called South Straddie with my brother where the trawler boats pass through and is completely shark infested. My brother laughed at me the whole way cause I was paddling across with my feet out of the water and just my finger tips to paddle.

What's the short story behind Tallow?
Tallow was started by two surfers gals (Ali and Shannon) that couldn't find swimwear or wetsuits that were functional yet sexy enough to surf in! Not since the late '80s had they seen the dream swimsuits—so they decided to do their own and show the essence of true surf culture: afternoon bonfire beach babe vibes.

Why should people shop your gear at Hellawood?
Tallow is authentic to surfing and focused on water based art; it's
designed for practicality and made to be appreciated by both men and women.

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We've discovered Tallow last winter! Check out our first profile on the line now!

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