Q&A: Omer Levy of Fresco Towels

Catching up with the artists and designers of the FOAM X UO Space 15 Twenty pop-up shop and art show

Spotlight // Johnie Gall // 04/03/12
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Omer Levy of Fresco Towels

Name: Omer Levy

Line: Fresco Towels

Hometown? Michmoret, Israel

Surfer, skater or spectator?
Mas olas por favor. I skate to get places.

East Coast or West Coast?
West Coaster.

Local Surf Break?
Venice breakwater when I'm lazy.

Dream boards?
Any Skip Frye twin fin, CI thrusters, and my Rich Pavel.

Favorite icon of surf?
Gerry Lopez

When people talk about you, what do they say?
What's his name? Is Homer in town?

What happened the first time you tried to surf?
I got pitted, so pitted... like that.

What's the short story behind your line?
We make the freshest, raddest, most scrumptious towels the world has ever seen.

Why should people shop your gear at Hellawood? Because Hellawood is cool, and if you want to be cool too, you should go shop there. Capeesh?

RSVP for FOAM X Urban Outfitters Present: the HELLAWOOD opening party on April 6.

Even if you can't make our party, you can shop the pop-up shop all month long at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood!

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