Q&A: Stone Cold Fox

Catching up with the artists and designers of the FOAM X UO Space 15 Twenty pop-up shop and art show

Spotlight // Johnie Gall // 04/03/12
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The Riot Romper, $260; Oui Crop, $150, both thestonecoldfox.com

(L) The Velvet Jasper Top, $160; Cryptic Skirt, $280; (R) The Lee Blouse, $225; Vinci Shorts, $175, all thestonecoldfox.com

Stone Cold Fox designers Dallas Wand and Cydney Morris

Names: Cydney Morris, Designer. Dallas Wand, Production Manager.

Line: Stone Cold Fox

Both: We're from Dana Point, but now Cyd lives in North Laguna and Dallas lives in South Laguna.

Surfer, skater or spectator?
Cydney: I love surfer boys, having fun with skaters and spectating all of the above.
Dallas: Sometimes I think I'm a dolphin when swimming, so I'd have to say surfer.

East Coast or West Coast?
Cydney: West Coast— can't live without that California sun.
Dallas: I could never give up the beach, but the East Coast night life is so fun.

Local surf break?
Cydney: Salt Creek. You can find many ex-boyfriends and high school friends there.
Dallas: Trestles, I love the beautiful walk down there.

Dream boards?
Cydney: A Chanel surfboard hanging in my house would be nice, or an Al Merrick, a friend of mine rode one of those.
Dallas: An old vintage wood board would be rad, or a mayhem board.

Favorite icon of surf?
Cydney: Tom Curren is the style master.
Dallas: Matt Archbold had a really progressive approach.

When people talk about you two, what do they say?
Both: I'm sure some think that we're dating because we work together and socialize together, but we are just two girls trying to produce beautiful clothing and doing what we love.

What happened the first time you tried to surf or skate?
Cydney: I have tried surfing several times, and I don't think it looks very graceful.
Dallas: I think I'm best at sitting on a longboard and going down a steep hill.

What's the short story behind your line?
Both: We started it in 2009, after we both graduated college. We started as a blog in Cydney's parents' extra room, and grew from there. We make kitchy, homemade, very personal and sexy women's clothing. We are just over three years old, and we do personal fittings, SCFHome, SCFBride and are in boutiques in the U.S.A., Canada and Australia.

Why should people shop your gear at Hellawood?
Both: Because it looks good on so many women, different body types, and you are bound to get stopped in the streets when wearing anything Stone Cold Fox.

RSVP for FOAM X Urban Outfitters Present: the HELLAWOOD opening party on April 6.

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