Q&A: Kassia Meador for Hellawood

Catching up with the artists and designers of the FOAM X UO Space 15 Twenty pop-up shop and art show

Bitchin' // Johnie Gall // 03/29/12
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Kassia Meador

Name: Kassia Meador

Hometown: California

Surfer, skater or spectator?
Surfer and spectator of the world.

East Coast or West Coast?
West Coast is the best coast.

Local surf break?
All of the cute point breaks in Cali land.

Dream boards?
My 9'4 Takayama model T, My 5'3 split tail Mandala and my 5'10 Wegener peanut.

Favorite icon of surf?
Joel Todor, Jerry Lopez, Rob Machado, Linda Benson and Donald Takayama.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
Played ships mast through Torquay with Jen Smith—heavy.

What happened the first time you tried to surf?
Love at first site; it was over the first time we laid eyes on each other.

What's the short story behind your photography?
I love shooting photos of my friends and life on the road. It's all the little moments that stand out to me and make me think and dream. I want to share those moments with world to hopefully inspire a lil' something in someone who needs it.

Why should people shop your gear at Hellawood?
Because it's the raddest, duh!

RSVP for FOAM X Urban Outfitters Present: the HELLAWOOD opening party on April 6.

Kassia and FOAM ? We go way back. Check out her photography in the magazine, and some Flashback photos from when she was a little grom!

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