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The Naked and Famous Give Us Something to Look At

Tuneage // Ashton Spatz // 03/27/12
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By Ashton Spatz

Last week, we stayed up late to see The Naked and Famous live at The Wiltern. With their growing popularity on top 40 radio, it was no wonder the show was sold out. The real wonder? That no one has done what TNAF did that night (at least that we know of). Their opening jam: "All Of This." Their new trick: Actually projecting the lyrics to the song behind the drummer.

Okay, okay. We all know that using multimedia in unison with a live musical performance isn't exactly new. But we also all know that hearing the words of your favorite band can be sometimes, uh, challenging, when you're crowded against hundreds of screaming groupies. Thanks to The Naked and Famous, it was easier than ever to sing along during the show opener. Kinda like Raffi sing alongs, only way cooler.

They didn't keep it up the whole time, opting to replace the emotionally charged words with images that floated across the screen, blinking eyes and bright graphic patterns. The music and imagery spoke volumes the entire night.

Bonus points: TNAF include the official lyrics to their album on their website.

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