Music Fest Must-Haves

With SXSW and Coachella just around the corner, we dug into three L.A. tastemakers' music festival bags for the must-haves

Features // Zinzi Edmundson // 03/12/12
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Graham Dunn
Kimberly Bruckbauer's music festival picks
Brooke Power's music festival...
The Posso girls' music festival...

Coachella is nigh, and so, then, is L.A.'s annual desert exodus. For tips on what we shouldn't leave home without, we turned to three of the city's savviest festival girls:

Otherworldly DJ design and blog duo
Globe-trotting cool girls Marylouise Rels and Vanessa Giovacchini pack sun-worshipping essentials.

1. Volcom X Posso Swimsuit
"For an impromptu swim—or if you need an outfit change-up."

2. Quartz Crystal
"To harness the good party vibes and protect against any lurking ex-boyfriends."

3. Solar Phone Charger
"Must. Stay. Connected."

4. 3 Pairs of Sunglasses
"In case some get lost or if you have a sun-blinded friend in need."

Brooke Power
Venice-based surfer, skater, blogger, artist and model
Like a good boy scout, Brooke is always prepared—with an emergency apple, pins, or extra guitar picks for forgetful rock boyfriends.

1. Finger Lights
"For when we go kookoo in the rave tent (only for a few minutes before we get grossed out by the mud). They're also handy if you drop something into the dark at night."

2. Safety Pins
"Little magic menders for clothing casualties."

3. Guitar Picks
"My boyfriend (who's in The Growlers, playing this year) is always needing one."

4. Lancome Le Crayon Eyeliner
"I never take it off! I just smudge more on. This brand rules—it withstands the sweaty mess."

Kimberly Bruckbauer
Curator of Project Urban Renewal and perfecter of '90s layering
Stylish necessities—plus a tiny doggy talisman—top Kimberly's list.

1. Creme De La Mer SPF 30 Fluid
"It's really important to protect your skin if you are going to be in the sun all day. This one is my favorite—it's not greasy and leaves my skin super soft."

2. Pink Dog
"It's good luck and always a good conversation starter."

3. Knit Wrap
"This is the one thing I could never live without, especially at a festival."

4. Vintage Moccasins
"They look cute with everything and are just like wearing slippers—great for dancing all day and night!"

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