Girl Crush: Maika Monroe

Kickass pro kiteboarder and up-and-coming actress Maika Monroe on trying new things— and encountering industry babes in the water and on-set.

Girl Crush // Chau Tu // 03/08/12
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Not your typical Hollywood multi-hyphenate: 18-year-old Monroe splits her time between acting and kiteboarding.
Justin Coit
Not your typical Hollywood multi-hyphenate: 18-year-old Monroe splits her time between acting and kiteboarding.

When did you get involved with kiteboarding?
My dad started when I was about 11, so finally when I was 13, he
said, ‘Okay, i’ll teach you.’ I fell in love with it and started competing. Both of my parents are athletes, so it feels natural. I just absolutely love it. i love the ocean.

Now it's a few years later, and you recently went pro. What's been your gnarliest kiteboarding incident?
I was in New Caledonia, where the water is really shallow and the tide was extra low. I did a trick and my foot came out of my board and it was basically head into rock. I remember lying there in the water and my mom was just like ‘Are you okay, are you okay?’ The next thing I know, the number one kiteboarder in the world, Youri Zoon (he’s super hot) comes running in, picks me up and carries me out. I don’t remember any of this.

You just moved out to L.A. to focus on your acting career. What inspired that move?
I just fell in love with it and I was kind of in the right place at the right time. I ended up being an extra in this film [Bad Blood] and from that i got to know the director, [Conrad Janis].

That led to your upcoming first feature film, coming out this fall, in which you play Zac Efron's girlfriend. What was that experience like?
Zac is the nicest guy in the world, so down to earth for how much
attention he gets. He has so much energy and he’s amazing. I hear that big names auditioned for my part. It’s surreal. Dream cast: Dennis Quaid, Heather Graham, and the most incredible director, Ramin Bahrami.

How do you hope to balance the two careers?
It’s hard! They’re so opposite, and that’s what I love about it. It’s like three months living in a third-world country [for
training], then I come back and and I'm on set with all these famous people.

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Originally published in April/May 2012

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