Timezone: Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso

Seven Days, Seven ways: Our fashionable friends show us a week's worth of style.

Street Style // Angelica Bonomo // 02/29/12
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Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal, Day 1
Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal...
Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal...
Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal...
Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal...
Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal...

The Girl: Sophia Amoruso
The Shop: Nasty Gal
Where We Spotted Her: In the Nasty Gal HQ

Nasty Gal's founder Sophia Amoruso's shop Nasty Gal is our go-to source for sky-high platforms, so when we sat down with her, we had to ask: Which comes first—the outfit or the shoe?

What did you do before Nasty Gal?
Before I started Nasty Gal, I was working in the lobby of the Academy of Art University checking student IDs and spending my free time on eBay. I've had a ton of random jobs, including record stores, photo labs, dry cleaners, shoe stores, bookstores...you name it! I was always really good at getting jobs. Keeping them, however, was another story.

Favorite vintage fashion era and why?
The '70s! I love prints, color, collars, platforms, and shine. I love jumpsuits. And overalls. And all things that qualify as "onesies."

Top five favorite Jefferey Campbell shoes
Right now? Hmm.
1. Night Lita Platform
2. Amanda Platform Boot
3. Lotus Platform Wedge
4. Pizan Platform Wedge
5. 4-Evz Platform

What comes first, the shoes or the outfit?
The outfit! Then the shoe. But then sometimes you don't have the right shoe for the outfit. And you're lazy. So you make a new outfit so you don't have to change the shoe.

What is your next great ambition?
The Nasty Gal collection. It's coming.

Best style advice you ever received?
Before you leave the house, remove one item. Better to be under-accessorized than over!

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