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Seven days, seven ways: Our fashionable friends show us a week's worth of style.

Street Style // Angelica Bonomo // 02/20/12
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The Girl: Jennifer Rose

Working at Post + Beam, Jennifer Rose represents some of our favorite lines like We Are Handsome, Whitesands, and Luv Aj. So It’s no surprise that her effortless fashionable style caught our eye as well. So we asked Jennifer to share seven days of style with us.

Introduce yourself!
I'm Jennifer Rose and I'm the Media Manager and Beauty Lead for our Fashion & Lifestyle sector at Post+Beam. I'm also Co-founder and editor for Spoiled Little L.A. Girls and just launched Spoiled Style, a personal styling and shopping service for busy professionals.

How did you get into fashion?
I knew I wanted to work in fashion when I was a little girl. My mom
said I had preferences at a very early age, and always wanted to try
things on. I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and interned at Trace Magazine and Calvin Klein. The rest is history.

What are your favorite trends for spring 2012?
I would say pleats and pastels—dying to wear a pleated, pastel peach knee length skirt. I'm also obsessed with white and lace for spring.

Does thinking about spring/summer trends when it's still cold out ever get confusing?
Living in Los Angeles, it's really easy to mix fall with spring
pieces, so it's not really confusing. It just excites me.

How do you inject personal style into a professional wardrobe?
Luckily, working in this business, fashion and style are always first. I would kill myself if I had to wear corporate attire everyday! For a more serious look, I like to add a well-tailored blazer and a button-up. These are my favorite staples for balancing a look and keep it from looking overly trendy.

Best style advice you ever received?
Have fun with it—don't take it too seriously!

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