Nice Pits: Testing Fancy Deodorants

Beauty // Zinzi Edmundson // 02/21/12
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It recently came to our attention that there exists a bevy of alternative deodorants, ranging in fragrance, chemical makeup (or not!), packaging and price point that reach far beyond the drugstore’s underarm ubiquity. So, what did we do? Obviously, what any completely normal, community-minded person would: We tried out our new discoveries at Bikram yoga (read: 104-degree room full of stretching) to see if our new obsessions are simply glorified hard perfumes or legit odor eaters.

fresh Roll-On Sugar Deodorant Antiperspirant uses real sugar to absorb and stop odor causing-bacteria under arms. Then, witchhazel and lemongrass help reduce moisture and leaving you smelling lovely and a bit like clean laundry. Even better? It held its own against poisonous post-Bikram odor.

MALIN + GOETZ eucalyptus deodorant is alcohol and aluminum-free, smells like a day spa and uses eucalyptus extract as its only fragrance. It smells amazing and will be your best friend and last all day—granted you don’t even entertain the idea of going to yoga. Which we're completely ok with.

Molton Brown Cool Buchu Anti-Perspirant Stick is, yes, technically for men. But who wouldn’t want to smell like an English garden and fight odor at the same time? With notes of mint, cardamom and rosemary, its pleasing fragrance is matched by its functionality. While it’s not a natural deodorant, it kept us dry through all 26 poses.

Lavanila Laboratories’ The Healthy Deodorant is 100% natural and aluminum- and paraben-free. It’s scented with natural essential oils—vanilla lavender was a favorite— and contains a slew of effective ingredients, like tea tree oil, Japanese honeysuckle and Goji berry. It even fared well in class, although admittedly not as well as its unnatural counterparts.

Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant and Deodorant is an extra-gentle cream that fights odor through “micro-sized drying molecules.” It’s unscented and didn’t fair particularly well at Bikram, but on normal days it’s a great go-to: it absorbs into skin, so there’s no leftover residue and it even smoothes underarm hairs for an easier shave.

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