D.I.Y. Valentine's Day Cards

Hallmark who? We're whipping up our own V-day grams this year!

DIY // FindCream // 02/13/12
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DIY Valentine's Day Grams

Our Facebook relationship status? Broke!

That's why we decided to D.I.Y. our own Valentine's Day cards this year to pass out to our loved ones. When all you need is a little glue and some old magazines, it's easy to spread the love.

What You'll Need:
-Postcards or thick paper
-Old magazines, wallpaper or textbooks
-Fabric scraps
-A foam paintbrush
-Matte waterbase sealer (we used Mod Podge)

How to Make Them:
1. Cut or tear out colorful patterns and textures from old magazines and textbooks. Rip up old fabric scraps. The messier and more colorful the better!

2. Using your foam paintbrush, coat the first postcard in Mod Podge and start placing your scraps on, coating both sides with glue.

3. Once you're happy with how you have all your pieces arranged, coat the entire postcard in a thin layer of Mod Podge (don't worry, it dries clear).

4. Repeat and let all postcards dry.

5. Write your message of love and send to family and friends!

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