Look Inside Amanda Riley's L.A. Yurt

Step inside the costume designer's hilltop yoga retreat for ethereal satisfaction as only Southern California can provide.

Camp // Zinzi Edmundson // 02/08/12
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The interior of Riley's yurt is simple and clean—a perfect respite for her daily yoga practice. View all 4 images
Graham Dunn
The interior of Riley's yurt is simple and clean—a perfect respite for her daily yoga practice.

From the street, Amanda Riley's 1930s Los Angeles home looks like many others on her block. A high, modern wooden fence shields the one-story stucco home from the street, while tall, leafy trees cast shade over the arid front lawn. Riley leads you through her home—filled with French-inspired antiques, rich, feminine fabrics, and ornate mirrors—past her two massive and very well-mannered Huskies to the backyard, a terraced and meandering space dissected by a slightly treacherous stone path.

You don't see it at first; there are too many trees to see much of anything and you have to look down as you carefully wind your way up the hill. But it's there, suddenly, perched on the side of the hill: Amanda Riley's yurt. It's one of those only-in-L.A. treasures you come upon in random house parties or hapharzard strolls through hilly neighborhoods, reminders of a certain California attitude.

"It was here when I bought the house two years ago," says Riley, "my neighbors helped the previous owner built it." Inside, the mostly bare space, which she uses primarily for her private yoga study, has been adorned with fittingly hippie dippy accoutrements: crystals, a guitar, oversized pillows, and slightly spooky masks. When people ask about living in L.A., a sprawling, gritty, and mostly concrete city, these are the spaces you want to point out; the hidden domestics treasures of Los Angeles that cut calm and character throughout.

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Originally published in February/March 2012

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