Lulu And Your Mom's Guide to a BFF Valentine's Day (+WIN The Fashion Coloring Book!)

Single? Not a problem if you follow these ideas for a best bud celebration.

Guest Blog // Virginia Ibarra // 02/06/12
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Alternative V-day Ideas: Go hiking or teach each other how to skate!

Throw a BFF dinner party if you're single (or even if you aren't!)

Lulu Chang of Lulu and Your Mom

So it's almost Valentine's Day. That great time of year when single people around the world proclaim: WHO CARES! To be honest, I think the only V-Day I spent with a significant other, I asked him to combine my anniversary, Christmas, birthday, and Valentine's Day gift into one—that's how I ended up with this sweet laptop. Romantic? Hardly. But take a guess which one lasted longer.

There is someone out there that loves you. No, not your mom (har har). It's your BFF! Whether she's your sister or some girl you used to hate but now cannot live without, she's always there when you need her the most. And come February 14th, when your Instagram feed starts to flood with pictures of other people's candlelit dinners and ubiquitous shots of white wine and fish filet, you and your BFF will want to be out doing something else. Anything else.

Here are my suggestions for keeping calm this Valentine's Day:

Teach each other how to skateboard
Or at the very least, buy each other decks if you want to exchange gifts. The Supreme store in L.A. does collaborations with amazing contemporary artists such as John Baldessari and Harmony Korine. Decks retail for approximately $78 each. Afterwards, hit up the skate park. Or don't since the Supreme store also comes with an indoor ramp.

Go shopping
One of the more interesting labels to me right now is Black Scale. They started in San Francisco (my hometown), but have taken off in L.A. as well. A$AP Rocky loves it, too. And in my opinion, there's nothing sexier than a girl in a black baseball cap.

Sit by a cozy fire and watch movies
I suggest Drive, because isn't Ryan Gosling every girl's boyfriend, anyway?

Throw a dinner party
Invite all your single BFFs to celebrate V-Day together. It's just like all those wine and fish pics, but less annoying.

Take a hike
Some of my favorite memories of all time consist of an empty lot on a hill with a fantastic view, a bag of Doritos, and my best friends. One day, I hope to sit right underneath the Hollywood sign.

Look at some art
L.A. has a vibrant, and fantastic art scene, and if you visit the museums on certain days, it's free! There's LACMA, MOCA, The Getty...make a day of it. Kenneth Anger's Icons is currently at MOCA until February 27. If you have some time before V-Day, check out Banks Violette at Blum & Poe until the 11.


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