Arma-Get-It-On: How to Do a Handstand

Turn your world upside down with yoga guru Sibyl Buck.

Health & Fitness // Kristina Dechter // 01/30/12
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Chris Luttrell
Sibyl Buck in the full handstand position.

To get into prime fighting shape, we turned to FOAM's resident yoga guru Sibyl Buck for a pose with multiple benefits– not the least of which is getting to feel like a kid in gymnastics class. According to Buck, the major health advantage here is in the inversion: the upside-down stance flushes your lymphatic system, which boots immunity and helps oxygenate your blood, which nourishes the internal organs. For those of you not in a Level 3 class, this position is one step towards a full vertical handstand. As is often the case, this move is all about working the core. To try:

1. Put your hands on the floor, shoulder distance apart, about a foot away from a wall. Don't allow your arms to bend!

2. Try jumping to lift your legs up, making sure your inner thighs are engaged and your belly button is drawing into your spine– both are necessary to truly work your core.

3. Aim to spend any amount of time with your hips overhead and your body in an L position before allowing your feet to come back to the floor.

*Just a note: This pose is HARD work. But you'll find that if you keep trying, even if you only get your feet a couple inches off the floor, you'll get the same soreness and the same health benefits as a more advanced yogini.

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Originally published in February/March 2012

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Feb 07, 2012 at 08:10PM Erin Denice

This is all so impressive, the poses and the photography. I just started yoga. I can't wait till I'm able to do this!

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