DIY: Bubble Burst Bracelet

DIY // Laura Neilson // 06/07/11
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“This bracelet was inspired by the amazing retro oversized baubles that i can never get enough of,” gushes erica domesek, the craft-savvy maven behind the website p.s. i made this. Here’s her method for fashioning your own eye-popping adornments. “i suggest making a few of them to stack, for more of a statement. The bigger, the bolder, the better!”

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What You Need

-A pair of bright tights

-Loose beads (the bigger, the better)

-A pair of trusty scissors

Cut the top portion as well as the feet off of your tights so that you’re left with two tube-like pieces of fabric. (You’ll only need one of the fabric pieces for this project, so save the second one for another bracelet.)

Make a knot at the end of your fabric tube, leaving a few inches of material to spare.

Drop your first bead into the tube, knot the fabric to secure it in place, and give a good tug.

Continue this process with more beads until the bracelet is long enough to wrap around 3/4 of your wrist.

After the last bead is added, knot, and trim any excess fabric.

Add a ribbon to each end with a sturdy double knot.

To wear, simply tie the ends of the ribbon in a bow.

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