Spin Out: "Love Song" by The Internet

"If I need something done, I just take care of it."

Tuneage // Cristina Black // 01/23/12
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The Internet is Skyd the Kyd and Matt Martians
Brick Stowell
The Internet is Skyd the Kyd and Matt Martians

The most recent spinoff of the Wu Tang-like Odd Future collective is The Internet featuring Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians. The young duo’s skeletal beats and smoothed out cooing hit the actual internet a few months ago via a few leaked tracks including this Sadé-like slow jam about getting your heart half wrecked. It’s also on the twosome’s full length debut Purple Naked Ladies, just released January 17 on Odd Future records.

We’ve been impressed with L.A. producer Syd the Kyd ever since she sprang forth as part of the infamous Odd Future crew last year. The only lady in a pack of irreverent, smack-talking rapper dudes, Syd is the rare female in hip-hop (or any genre, really) with her hands in the technical side of music making. When Odd Future stars like Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats were laying down their earliest tracks, she was the one at the console punching in all in. After all, it was her studio they were using. She built it in her parents’ decrepit old guesthouse when she was still in high school. “I became obsessed with getting my studio to sound perfect so I could charge more and get more customers,” she recalls by phone from a tour bus somewhere in Canada. Pretty industrious for a teenager! “Yeah,” she says. “That’s just how I am. If I need something done, I just take care of it.”

It’s good to see that Syd, still in her teens, has paired up with her roommate and BFF Matt Martians to get her own voice out front, even if she maintains her vocal skills are lacking. “I can’t rap and I can’t really sing,” she says. “I just love music, and I’ve known that for a long time.”

Originally published in February/March 2012

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