Blog Spot: Horsing Around

In the Curl // Steve Basilone // August/September 2010
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By Maggie Stephenson

Horsing Around

Whatever you do, don’t ask pro surfer Sterling Spencer why he’s obsessed with the half-man, half-horse figure from Greek mythology known as the Centaur. He gets that question a lot. His strangely addictive blog Pinch My Salt features photoshopped images of his own torso on the bodies of unsuspecting horses plus a skein of nonsensical centaur facts, alongside surfing videos and his own luminous photography. When Spencer started the site a year and a half ago, he simply intended to create a place where he could post contest results and the occasional surf photo. “But once things got going,” he says, “I just thought it was so boring.” So he reinvented the blog as a place for his weirdest ideas to take root. We love that he’s not afraid to poke fun at himself (featured is a childhood photo of the blogger cradling a beloved clarinet) and his sun-drenched good looks don’t hurt either. Spencer says that these days the only goal of the site is to “maybe make some people laugh.” In that case, mission accomplished.


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Originally published in August/September 2010

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